11 in 11 update

October 26, 2011 in goals, Uncategorized

We’re more than 3/4 of the way through the year and although I’m yet to achieve everything on my 11 in 11 list, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved.

1) Lose weight – I started the year at 70.. I made it into the 67s, currently hovering around 68… Thought I would have lost a little  more by now… the wedding is in less than 5 months, so hopefully I can  drop 1kg a month between now and then.. perhaps weighing 60kg wasn’t that realistic…

2) Tropical island holiday – we got back from Australia over a week ago.. it’s an island on the pacific.. so that totally counts!

3) learn a language – i’ve picked up a few more samoan words, but i’m by no means fluent…

4) sell crafty things online – i tried to sell a few headbands on trademe (NZ eBay0, but that didn’t really happen, am looking into selling them at a local consignment store, but to be honest i’m not being nearly as crafty of late.. I guess life just got in the way.

5) turn wardrobe into capsule – I edited my wardrobe – and by edited I mean I sent several bags of old clothes to the op shop and sold a few of my nicer pieces… the extra $$ made went back into my wardrobe.. did I mention I got 8 new dresses in Australia…. might need to re-edit…

6) take better photos – i finally figured out how to make the background look blurry while the foreground is in focus.. now if only i could get my toddler to stand still long enough to put it to use!

7) exercise regularly – Who wants to exercise in Winter.. NOT ME apparently.. hence why goal #1 isn’t happening at great speed. I’ve recently starting walking around the local park in the evenings following work and with our wedding in less than 5 months i’m pretty motivated to exercise.

8. find a playgroup for Taylor – we go on play dates, but I haven’t found a play group that fits in with my work schedule. I’m looking into local preschools, we’re thinking of sending her a few mornings a week (to give my mum a break).

9) work hard -get payrise/more hours – I started working more hours earlier in the year, with a more varied workload.. the pay rise followed shortly after… funnily enough I don’t seem to have any more money each week… my shiny new wardrobe and android phone might be to blame for that tho…

10) make blog official – did you notice we’re a DOTCOM?

11) plan a wedding – Everything is slowly falling into place.. it’s going to be an amazing day…  if you stick around long enough you’ll hear/see a lot more about it!

It’s also less than a year until I turn 30 so I’m thinking of 30 things I wanted to achieve before that time comes..

stay tuned..