May 1, 2012 in first things, My Favorite Things, Proud Mama Moments, Uncategorized

 Taylor has been coming home from preschool recently talking about play dough.. Playdough!! How could I possibly have gone this long in her life without making my girl play dough! So last week I gathered all the relevant ingredients and this past weekend I gave making homemade playdough a go. I googled a non-cook recipe and all the ones I could find had slightly different ingredients.. here’s my own versions

 Home made play dough

3 cups flour

1 cup salt

1-2 cups water

2 table spoons oil

Food colouring

2 tablespoons tartar


Mix the above in a large bowl.. if it’s a little dry add in more water… at first the colours looked a little marbled but after playing with the dough it changed to a nice sea foam green colour.. which happened to be the same colour as grandmas carpet!!

Kat (who grew up in Samoa) had never seen play dough before!! (I know!!) so he was having as much fun rolling the dough and making shapes as his almost 2 yr old daughter.. it was great to play together as a family.

 FYI – the dough went a little dry and flaky after being stored in an airtight container in the fridge, but moistened up after being play with for a bit. I suggest adding some extra water/oil to moisten the dough and avoid flakes being trodden in the house!