Eleven things to do in 2011

January 20, 2011 in goals, Uncategorized

Last night I was out for a evening stroll around Hagley park and it occured to me I needed to set some goals/resolutions/whatever you like to call them for myself for the coming year. In keeping with Dr Oz’s ’11 weeks to move it and lose it’ I chose to set 11 targets for myself to achieve during 2011. The first being related to the whole move it and lose it..

1)    Lose weight and keep it off – 10 kgs to be exact. Current following the Dr Oz move it and lose it software I am aiming for an 8kg loss, but I figured I would see how my jeans fit when I get closer to 60kg and decide from there.

2)    Travel to a tropical island – Australia counts right? It’s way warmer than NZ and they are surrounded by water! And best of all they have awesome shops which is where I plan to find my wedding dress!

3)    Learn a language – At least try too! I am pretty sure I will have to learn Samoan – seeing as I am going to be marrying into a Samoa family.. would be nice to know all the things they say about me…

4)    Sell crafty things online – I tried to once, but I think I went about it all wrong. Perhaps an etsy shop might be a better option. I get compliments all the time about the headbands I (force) Taylor to wear and now she is getting more hair it’s fun to make hairclips also.

5)    Turn my wardrobe into a capsule – Get rid of the clothes I never wear but keep around because I feel guilty that I spent money on them! Having less clothes, and more specific outfits should (in theory) reduce the time it takes me to get ready in the morning. Check out my ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ page which is eventually going to demonstrate the key items I need in my wardrobe… Hopefully I already own most of them!

6) Learn to take better photos – For Christmas my wonderful man was going to buy me a completely awesome Olympus camera. But after we got ourselves a brand new BBQ and a car alarm for my car the funds weren’t there. After having the chance to do more camera research I now think I would prefer a Canon camera – which is double the price, but it takes AMAZING photos. While I save up to buy the camera of my dreams I want to practice taking better pictures with my current Kodak camera and read/take online tutorials so when I get the camera I can use it properly!

7)    Keep up exercising regularly – It’s funny how something just clicks in your brain and make sense. I always knew that I needed to burn more calories than I was eating – it was just easier said that done, but since I logged onto the Sharecare website where it shows me my daily progress I am much more motivated to both eat healthy and exercise. When I was pregnant I basically gave up on exercise… I basically gave up on moving, hence having an extra 15kg to lose! During my next pregnancy I hope to exercise regularly and I think if I can get into a good habit now, it might just stick!

8) Take Taylor to play group to make friends – and hopefully in doing so I will make some more ‘mama’ friends myself. I get slight blogger envy when I see other blogger mom’s have met ups…I’m sure there are blogger mom’s in my hood – I just haven’t found them yet!

9)     Work hard, get a pay rise and secure more hours at work – I think this is pretty much a given, but I thought I had better write it down so that I stay focused. Lately I have been toying with the idea of going back to work full time (but I think I’d miss baby T to much) or getting a second job to make a bit more $$, but things are starting to pick up at my current job so getting another 2-6 hours a week shouldn’t be to far off. I like my chosen career and I didn’t go to University for 6.5 years (in my defense that wasn’t because I mucked about it’s because I decided to get a Masters degree too!) and I don’t really want to clean toilets… not that there is anything wrong with that.. But since I don’t even fancy cleaning my own, I don’t really want to have to clean someone else’s!

10)     Make my blog official and hopefully make some $$ off it –  I saw once someone’s blog (maybe veronicalovesarchie?) “I am a narcissist therefore I blog”, I know that jeskimoko.com is slightly narcissistic, but I WANT IT.. or something like it. I like the extra design choices that are possible with a hosted website… something to look into.

11)     Plan a wedding – without turning into a complete bridezilla. Nuff said!

Stay tuned and see how I do, these are all supposed to be ticked off by 31/12/2011.